My project was a den with four separate entrances (from garage, hallway, kitchen and backyard. forcing the furniture to the middle of the room with a fireplace on the only wall.
It was being used as the everyday TV room. She was able to convince my husband to move the TV to the seldom used formal living room - a feat I had not been able to do in 20 years. She asked for my budget and kept to it. Along the way I began to add additional options not on original plan so I did spend more than budget but was very happy with these extra choices. She helped me step out of my usual safe color zone. I ended up with different types of wood, metal, velvet, patterns and it all was tastefully put together. The room has a peacefulness to it but it also has pop, whimsical and classic touches. I was very excited to have this extra room for fun gatherings.
— Toni
I really enjoyed working with Elena, she took all of my ides into account, came up with a practical and aesthetically pleasing design that reflected both my dreams and the reality of having a budget and young kids. She was willing to incorporate my suggestions and expand my design horizons.
— Amanda
Elena did an awesome job on making my space a picture perfect room. I am getting TONS of compliments from friends and neighbors. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Elena- I LOVE the new room.
— Lori
Elena was wonderful to work with and she really took my input and captured what I was looking for. She was very responsive to any questions I had and she had great ideas when I had only vague inclinations of what I wanted. I would work with her again and would recommend her 100% to others.
— Alayna

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