Colors of the Year 2018

I know, I’m totally late to the Color of the Year 2018 party...but here’s my round up of my top three faves!

Pantone: Ultra Violet, 18-3838

Ultra Violet falls on the cool end of the color spectrum under purple.  Purple is a secondary color, the perfect combinations of stimulating red + calming blue.

Color Theory - Purple represents creativity, royalty and sprituality. Purple tends to evoke a feeling of tranquility and can uplift your mind.

Fun Fact - Purple was the color of the first dye made by man.

Uses - If a wall application isn’t your thing, try adding it in small doses. Pillows, throws, even upholstery can be great places to add Ultra Violet!


Sherwin Williams: Oceanside, SW 6496

Oceanside is a beautiful blend of cool colors: blue + green.  This particular combination of green + blue produces a color that can be both moody or beachy. 

Color Theory - Since Oceanside is a blend of cool tone blue + green, it gives the effects of both colors.  Green is the most common color found in the natural world, which is why it can give the sense of renewal and soothing qualities.  Blue aids in calming the mind and staying focused. 

Fun Facts - Green was George Washington’s favorite color. People tend to be more productive in blue rooms.

Uses - I would love to use this as an all over wall color specifically in a library or in a powder room.  It is bold but not too bright or too dark.  To evoke a moody vibe mix with dark wood tones + black. To capture the coastal feeling, use Oceanside as a backdrop to neutral upholstery pieces + white accents to brighten up a room.  Oceanside can also be used in any style home.

Benjamin Moore: Caliente, AF-290

This color IS Caliente! Hot! The only color this year that hails from the warm side of the wheel. Not all reds are created equal, this tone is easily one of my favorites when it comes to red. 

Color Theory - Red is dynamic, stimulates the eye and increases enthusiasm. The amount of red in a room can determine the perceived energy level.

Fun Fact - Red is the highest arc of the rainbow.

Uses - Feng Shui suggests painting the front door of a home red to welcome in prosperity.  Red can be used to accentuate a certain area, it will draw attention to the designated wall.  Using red on upholstery, walls, and as accents can be really be powerful in any design.  It’s important to note that red should be balanced with a cooler tone so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Caliente is a color that can be used in a modern or traditional home, you can use it as an eye attracting accent or a jaw dropping statement as a rooms main wall color.

Where do you see yourself using one of these Colors of the Year?